Announcing the Paideia Token Release on Ergopad

We’re pleased to announce the token release of Paideia, a Toolkit designed to make it easy for anyone to create, manage and be involved in a DAO. This article serves as an explanation about how you can contribute to the project and get a share of the governance token behind it.

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About Paideia

Paideia is a DAO management software suite. The technical goal is to provide a secure DAO toolset that is open, easy to use, inexpensive, and allows for use in any environment. With Paideia in the hands of anyone that wishes to use it, this software suite can open new ways for people to work together, to change their lives and the world for the better. Check out the documentation for more.

Token Release Details

The Paideia token release will be divided into three different contribution rounds. Each category will differentiate in participation requirements, value of token, and vesting period. Erg or SigUSD can be contributed to the project in exchange for Paideia tokens, based on the contribution round you are eligible for. There is no limit to the number of rounds you can apply to participate in, but the max allocation per round is divided as follows:

Ergopad Staker Round

The total allocation per address for this round will be determined based on the Ergopad Staking Tier you have met. There will be a snapshot March 5th at 15:00 UTC. In order to participate, you must sign your address up on the whitelist form before the snapshot, and then have your Ergopad tokens staked on the snapshot date and time.

Once approved for this round, you may contribute Erg or SigUSD in exchange for Paideia tokens between March 11th to 12th.

For this round, 28M tokens will be released at $0.001 SigUSD value per token (you can also send Erg). Vested tokens will be released daily for 12 months, starting from the IDO date on April 1st. You will need to manually claim those tokens, but can let them accumulate as long as you like to reduce the number of taxable events.

For more information about Ergopad Staking, read the documentation.

Public Seed Round

The seed round will be a first-come-first-served whitelist signup form, with a maximum contribution of $5,000 SigUSD per address. This form will be open to Ergopad stakers 1 hour before anyone else. We will take a snapshot of the addresses which stake at least 1000 Ergopad tokens 1 hour before the whitelist form goes live.

There will be limit to the total value that can be reserved on the whitelist, but the form will remain open for a short time after that limit is reached. Those that sign up early enough will be whitelisted, and the remainder will be added to a wait-list.

The whitelist form will be open March 18th, and the contribution window for whitelisted individuals will be between March 19–21. From March 21–23, all wait-listed individuals will be able to contribute until all the available tokens have all been claimed. There are 36M tokens available at $0.005 SigUSD value in this round.

Tokens for this round will be released daily for 9 months from IDO date, and can be claimed at any time throughout.

Public Strategic Round

As with the seed round, the strategic round will be FCFS. The whitelist signup form will allow a maximum of $20,000 SigUSD contribution room per address. There will be 20M tokens available at $0.008 SigUSD value per token, and they will be released daily for a 6 month vesting period following the IDO. Signup is March 25th.

The whitelist contribution window will be between March 26th to 28th, and from March 28th to 31st, anyone will be able to contribute any amount for the remaining tokens. There will not be a limit per address. This is the last chance to get tokens before the IDO date on April 1st.

IDO on Ergodex

The IDO of Paideia will happen on April 1st on the ErgoDEX. Two trading pairs will be added, which are Paideia/ERG and Paideia/sigUSD. In total Paideia will provide 16 Million Tokens and $160k in Erg and SigUSD cumulatively among the liquidity pools. Furthermore, Paideia will be the second project to make use of the liquidity locking feature in order to protect secure the liquidity and add trust. The provided liquidity will be locked for a reasonable period until a certain blockchain height (blocks) is reached.

Ergopad Staking Platform Update

The Ergopad staking platform code has been completed and audited by Ergo core developers. They returned with some minor adjustments which have now been implemented, and further testing is taking place. The front-end code is complete and staking will work with the latest Nautilus and Yoroi wallets. As soon as the final audit returns with no further changes, staking will be live.

Stay tuned for further announcements about the Paideia launch and make sure to follow our socials in order to stay updated! You can read the early copies of the whitepaper, tokenomics, and roadmap, though they will be updated when the design team has completed the official branding.

- The Ergopad Team

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