Ergopad Project Update #12

Hello fellow Ergonauts! It’s time for another project update, this time with another week filled with project milestones, content releases, news, and other exciting developments. Let’s get right into this week’s project update, starting with this week’s important dates.

Key Upcoming Dates

Swamp Audio is in the spotlight this week and for the rest of June, so keep an eye out for the following upcoming dates, including the current staker round whitelisting. For those who are completely new with Swamp Audio, it is a layer 1 on chain royalty management platform and DAO media publisher whose primary goal is to build better tools to connect fans and artists globally.

  • Until June 13th — The Swamp Audio staker round whitelisting is open to anyone who has staked at least 12.5k Ergopad tokens.
  • June 13th — The whitelisting form for the staker round will be closed at 17:00 UTC on June 13th, and a snapshot, along with a spreadsheet of eligible wallets, will be shared once the form is closed.
  • June 14th @ 17:00 UTC — The Swamp Audio staker-round contribution form will be opened for whitelisted wallets following the 13th of June whitelist event.

What Happened Last Week?

Like most weeks around the ErgoPad community, this last one was quite busy!

  • Swamp Audio IDO details: Swamp Audio’s project page on our site has been updated with IDO details such as tokenomics, roadmap, whitepaper, and socials.
  • ErgoPad x ErgoDex Partnership: We’ve announced a strategic partnership with Ergodex and launched an 'acceleration program', to further attract new startups and entrepreneurs to build on the Ergo-blockchain by assisting their path with access to the yield farming program on Ergodex, and additional marketing through both our socials. Our teams will share resources and relevant contacts as part of this collaboration, and we will provide this shared support to upcoming projects looking to expand into the Ergo ecosystem. We believe that by incorporating support and marketing tools, we will attract new interest from outsiders who have been waiting for Ergo to produce more robust DeFi tools. ErgoPad x ErogDex partnership.
  • Launched Paideia Staking: We have successfully launched Paideia staking following the recent testing phase of the staking contracts. On the staking page, there is a drop-down menu where you can select the token you’d like to stake. The Paideia staking contract differs from the ErgoPad staking contract in that it contains no unstaking penalty and you can also add new tokens to an existing staking key under the “manage stake” tab.
  • New Proof of Ergo Episode: Last week’s Proof of Ergo episode interviews Yasha Black, who speaks about the ErgoDEX rebranding, and Michael Belanger, CEO of Swamp Audio, who discusses their plans for the project. James also speaks about EIP-27, and the ErgoHack Fest. You can now listen on your favorite streaming service such as Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Developer Update

Here’s the updates straight from the devs:

  • We successfully launched the Paideia staking contract, and with the new contract, tokens can be added to an existing staking box, the number of stake boxes is lower, and compounding transactions are much lighter on the network. The use of proxy contracts for staking and unstaking generates a much smoother experience than before. Using proxy contracts and offchain bots to execute follow-up transactions works better when multiple users must share the same stake box.
  • Additonally our Developers are developing an NFT sales contract with a feature, which will allow a user to send a set amount of ERG into the contract and receive one or more random NFTs of a pool in return.
  • General efforts by the team searching and fixing errors, as well as improving and speeding up the platform. We have been working to optimize the API, and have added redundancy with the node and explorer instances.
  • Also our Developers have been working on a new solution that allows us to push changes on the blockchain directly to the user without putting to much efforts changing on the explorer / node.

We hope that you find this update informative. Please contact us if you have any questions about any of the following updates. We’ll keep you informed on developments in the following days and weeks.

We are aware of the fake accounts impersonating members of our team and attempting to scam people as a result of several reports. Please be aware that we will NEVER DM you and ask for any private keys or funds! Please keep an eye out for any of these and contact us to report any such fake accounts.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time.

-The ErgoPad Team

Project Inquiries

If you are looking to build your own project on the Ergo blockchain, but your resources are limited, please contact us through our IDO Form.

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