Ergopad Project Update #13
4 min readJun 29, 2022


Good day to all Ergonauts! It’s time for another update on the project, and this one will cover yet another week that was packed with project milestones, content releases, news, and other exciting developments. Let’s jump right into this week’s update on the project, starting with a quick summary of the key dates for this coming week.

Key Upcoming Dates

Swamp Audio is in the spotlight this week and for the rest of June, so keep an eye out for the following upcoming dates, including the upcoming IDO on ErgoDex. For those who are completely new with Swamp Audio, it is an on chain royalty management platform and DAO media publisher whose primary goal is to build better tools to connect fans and artists globally.

  • June 30th at 17:00 UTC— SwampAudio IDO will be hosted on ErgoDex at 17:00 UTC under $THz. A trading pair for ERG/THZ will be added, and the pair will be verified by Ergodex.

What Happened Last Week?

Like most weeks around the ErgoPad community, this last one was quite busy!

  • Swamp Audio seed round: This week on ErgoPad we successfully completed the contribution phase for the seed round. The participation and engagement was amazing, despite the recent market situation.
  • Azorus / IDO Update: The Azorus team has decided to delay their IDO, but they’ll continue to develop and produce an MVP before scheduling again.
  • EGIO staking contract Update: EGIO staking encountered an issue by using the V1 staking smart contract. It has more decimals than the Ergopad token, and thus encountered an overflow error. We have disabled staking and are reimbursing users who staked EGIO. We will be launching staking again under the V2 contract shortly.
  • Interview: Our CEO, Marty, recently had the pleasure of appearing on the BUILDING ON ERGO show, where he discussed some new information and insights regarding ErgoPad and Paideia.
  • Twitter space: We joined a community call hosted by GIGI Alcaraz, where we shared our thoughts and plans about the future of ErgoPad and Paideia, as well as about the Ergo ecosystem in general. We talked technical, marketing, and everything in between.
  • New Proof of Ergo Episode: Last week’s Proof of Ergo episode interviews the developers behind Guap-Swap and Azorus about their projects and what’s going on, as well as general information about Nautilus Wallet’s Ergo GraphQL project and NightOwl Casino’s random number generator. You can listen on your favorite streaming service such as Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Developer Update

  • ErgoAuth has been implemented and tested on the Paideia website. What this means is you can login by signing with your Ergo wallet, and there won’t be a username/password while using the website.
  • The NFT sales contract schema is well underway. We will be able to generate random numbers on the blockchain to pull random NFTs from a pool. This sales contract will be available for anyone to use, with custom landing pages. For now, the smart contract design process is the first step, and the actual smart contracts will go into development next week.
  • Work continues on Paideia front-end, dApp, back-end, and smart contracts. We will give a more comprehensive post about this at a future date.

Ergopad Website Optimization

You may have noticed the Ergopad website was very slow to load for the past couple weeks. This is because we have been developing in startup mode and continuing to add features constantly, without going back an optimizing previous code. In this phase of development, we got things to a “good enough, it works” state, and then moved on.

Obviously we reached a point where we had to go back and optimize. The website was slow to the point of being unusable. Over the past couple weeks, our devs have been working to eliminate bottlenecks and get the website moving again.

The main issue was our reliance on the Ergo Explorer built-in REST API. By eliminating that, and instead using our own database that tracks and stores only blockchain data that we need for our website, we’ve been able to significantly increase throughput. Check the website now, and for the most part it should be much faster.

For the more technically inclined, feel free to join our development chat on discord and ask the devs there. They’re always happy to talk shop with the community. As always, the Ergopad github contains all the source code, since we only operate open source.

We hope that you find this update informative. Please contact us if you have any questions about any of the following updates. We’ll keep you informed on developments in the following days and weeks.

We are aware of the fake accounts impersonating members of our team and attempting to scam people as a result of several reports. Please be aware that we will NEVER DM you and ask for any private keys or funds! Please keep an eye out for any of these and contact us to report any such fake accounts.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time.

-The ErgoPad Team



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