Ergopad Project Update #14
4 min readJul 29, 2022

Hello Ergonauts! It’s time for another project update, and this one will cover another week full of project milestones, content releases, news, and other exciting developments.

Let’s get right into this week’s project update, starting with this week’s important dates.

Key Upcoming Dates

ErgoPOS IDO is in the spotlight this week and for the rest of August, so keep an eye out for the following upcoming dates, including the current staker round whitelisting. For those who are completely new with ErgoPOS, it is a blockchain payment solution consisting of a hardware POS terminal and software that combines the blockchain and the real business world.

  • Until 14th August — The ErgoPOS staker round whitelisting is open to anyone who has staked at least 12.5k Ergopad tokens.
  • 7th August — The Gleam contest form for will be closed at 17:00 UTC.

What Happened Last Week?

Like most weeks around the Ergopad community, this last one was quite busy!

  • ErgoPOS IDO details: The ErgoPOS project page on our site has been updated with IDO details such as tokenomics, roadmap, whitepaper, and socials. Ergopad stakers should use the whitelist sign-up form to register if you’d like to be involved in the staker round for ErgoPOS.
  • ErgoPad Community contest: In celebration of reaching 3000 Twitter followers and almost 2000 Telegram members (soon), we've launched a Gleam contest with a prize pool of $1000 worth ErgoPad tokens. By completing socials tasks on our Gleam prize form, you can receive up to eleven entries to receive a chance for a prize.
  • TosiHackathon: ErgoPad was one of the main sponsors of the recent Hackathon by TosiDrop, which was intended to spur ecosystem development for talented developers looking to launch projects on Cardano and Ergo. In their recent Twitter post, TosiDrop announced the winners, and the distribution of the prize pool.

We'd like to say congratulations to those who won, and a special thanks to each team that has participated. If you're looking to build your project and Ergo and, if you're searching for a way to introduce your project through an IDO, please apply through the form on our website!

Developer Update

A lot of things are in motion this week.

  • Noob and Trapper continued implementing ErgoAuth in Paideia, and this work will also translate to the Ergopad website. So far, Nautilus is supported, and we are working on integrating with the new ErgoPay Mozaic framework. They are also working on integrating the API backend with the Paideia frontend. There are plans to decentralize this as much as possible. You can see the frontend at Keep in mind, this is a work in progress.
  • Our CTO Leif has been hard at work on a project called Danaides. This is the reason the Ergopad website has become significantly faster in the past couple weeks. Many of our API calls have gone from 30+ seconds to a few milliseconds thanks to the Ergo unspent database logging. This pulls unspent boxes from an Ergo node each time a new block is added and enters them into databases with very efficient structures for our API calls, rather than relying on Ergo Explorer API which was much less efficient. Danaides is now being packaged into a single repo so that other teams can use it for their own projects. AnetaBTC will be the first team to take advantage, running . Check out the Danaides Github Page for more info.
  • Lgd has been working on an NFT sales contract that anyone will be able to use. This will allow users to mint NFTs and provide a random NFT to anyone who wishes to purchase them for a predetermined price. There will be more complex versions as well, that will allow various levels or rarity such as in packs of cards for NFT card games. This will be implemented for our partner BlitzTCG. Current work is being done for the oracle that will provide the random numbers needed to make this smart contract work.
  • Luivatra is working on Paideia smart contracts. The schema is finished here, and he is now building the smart contracts. Stay tuned for more info, as we will be sharing all the details with documentation on how it works.

We hope this weeks project update was informative enough. Please contact us if you have any questions. We’ll keep you informed on developments in the following days and weeks.

We are aware of the fake accounts impersonating members of our team and attempting to scam people as a result of several reports. Please be aware that we will NEVER DM you and ask for any private keys or funds, and we definitely won’t ask you to click a link and enter your information! Please keep an eye out for any of these and contact us to report any such fake accounts.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time.

-The ErgoPad Team

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