Ergopad Project Update #15
5 min readAug 19, 2022


Hi there, ErgoPad family! It’s been one week, which means it’s time for another project update. This week’s update to the project involves yet another week packed with project milestones, content releases, news, and other interesting developments.

Let’s dive right into the week ahead by looking at the key upcoming dates and important events.

Key Upcoming Dates

ErgoPOS IDO is in the spotlight this week and for the rest of August, so keep an eye out for the following upcoming dates, including upcoming seed round whitelisting. For those who are completely new with ErgoPOS, it is a blockchain payment solution consisting of a hardware POS terminal and software that combines the blockchain and the real business world.

  • August 22th @ 14:00 UTC — The ErgoPos seed round whitelisting will be opened for public.
  • August 23th @ 17:00 UTC — The contribution form will be opened for the ErgoPos seed round.

What Happened Last Week on ErgoPad?

The ErgoPad community experienced numerous developments and updates during the past week, including the following:

  • ErgoPad Subpool: With the help of the Getblok team, we sucesfully launched the ErgoPad subpool, which makes it now possible to mine ErgoPad. It allows miners to receive some Ergopad tokens when they’d otherwise earn Erg. In the Ergopad Subpool, miners still earn 90% Erg, and 10% will be distributed as Ergopad tokens, with a 10% value bonus on top.
  • Interview with Son of A tech: Our CEO, Marty, had the pleasure of attending in an interview with SonofAtech on his YouTube channel, in which he discussed the function of Paideia and the IDO process of ErgoPad. In celebration of this partnership, we have also launched a Giveaway with incredible prizes, including a mini-tier staking key, ErgoPad tokens, and exclusive RocketBoy NFTs.
  • Ergo Summit 2022 video: In celebration of the Ergo Summit 2022, ErgoPad and Paideia were featured on the Summit series, with a short conversation about LaunchPads and DAOs along with CW. Special thanks, to the ErgoFoundation for having us.

FYI: For those who have just joined us and are unfamiliar with the IDO process, we have just released a complete tutorial on how to take part in ErgoPad IDOs. Take a look at it here.

Developer Update

LGD’s ErgoPad Random NFT Sale update:

  • In talks with @MGpai and @Cheese Enthusiast to incorporate Plasma so that the protocol can scale. (Plasma is the best thing since sliced bread)
  • New architecture can scale random nft/token sale to 200K/200M individual tokens (i.e. tokenIDs). Only bottleneck is the pre-minting time, theoretically. Protocol is a generalized framework for random token sales such that random token pack sales are possible.
  • Working on new smart contracts to account for Plasma
  • There is a simple case such that if NFTs need to be minted (and not tokens) a pre-mint is not required, they can be minted at the time of the random sale. However there is slight conflict with this method using Plasma and v2 of EIP24, mainly the use of traits. Since using Plasma is what enables mass scaling of NFT minting/selling, we suggest it should be accounted for in artwork EIPs:

Luivatra’s Paideia update:

Due to multiple reasons we are looking into switching some of our stack from Python to Scala. Python will still be used as a “bind it all together” language, but code surrounding the smart contracts will be made in Scala, this will be exposed through a service running on our backend to our other services, the execution bots and a CLI for anyone to use so DAO’s can operate even when the site is down.

This will put us more in control of compatibility between Python and JVM instead of being dependent on JPype. It will also make our Python workers much lighter because they wont have to spin up a JVM. The first step is taken with the plasma based staking, the stake transaction is implemented and tested.

Now the first transaction is in place creating the rest should be fairly simple. Next steps for plasma staking:

  • Implement tests for emit, compound and unstake
  • Investigate how best to keep track of the current state, handling forks and restarts of bots/services
  • Test on testnet -Test on mainnet
  • Where relevant move existing staking solutions over to plasma staking
  • Continue work on the rest of Paideia smart contracts The new scala code can be found here:

Noob, Trapper, and Marty’s updates:

  • Work continues on Paideia front-end and back-end. You can try it out at to see how things are going. We are working on implementing very robust charts in the token section which may spill over into other projects.
  • Ergopad is getting a bit of an overhaul to show current active IDOs on the main page. A community member helped us with some code here. Much appreciated! It was a long time coming and we’re finally taking the time to do it.
  • Noob has begun building a dashboard for our admins, to improve reliability. Some users have been running into issues where it’s impossible to unstake for a long period of time, and this issue could easily have been mitigated in minutes rather than hours if we had internal reporting in place.

Other updates

  • We have started a new internal project which will run parallel to Paideia. The UX & Design team is now working on the website, the whitepaper is nearly complete, and an announcement will be made shortly.
  • Ergopad servers will receive a major hardware update in the coming weeks. We are planning to migrate away from Amazon AWS and run our own hardware in various cities. This should drastically improve API response times.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

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See you soon.

-The Ergopad Team

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