ErgoPad x ErgoDEX Acceleration Program

ErgoPad is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with ErgoDEX, to accelerate and grow the Ergo ecosystem by creating new marketing tools and an easily accessible platform for startups.

About ErgoDex:

ErgoDEX is a non-custodial, decentralized exchange that will allow for quick, easy, and secure liquidity transfers between the Ergo and Cardano networks. It currently supports token exchanges within the Ergo ecosystem and will be released on Cardano soon. ErgoDEX also employs an AMM (automated market maker) mechanism to provide real-time rate and slippage feedback. More information can be found in their documentation.

Purpose of this Partnership:

The primary goal of this collaboration is to attract new startups to the ecosystem by providing easily accessible marketing tools and creating a variety of opportunities, such as:

  • ErgoDEX will use and provide its own marketing services and channels to attract the target audience for project launches on ErgoPad.
  • The ErgoPad and ErgoDEX teams will assist projects in creating relationships with venture capitalists, agencies, and investment platforms relevant to their projects. When a startup signs up for a potential IDO through our forms or by contacting us, both teams will review the project and conduct research on it, as well as conduct a background check on the team. We will determine which services are a good fit and help the project with their IDO and launch plan. ErgoPad may provide its IDO toolkit for approved projects, to help raise funds, and ErgoDEX will provide yield farming services where requested, following the IDO.
  • Projects launching through this process will receive a verified status on the ErgoDEX platform, along with several announcements on both Ergopad and ErgoDEX’s social media channels.

ErgoDEX’s yield farming program

The ErgoDEX team has recently announced that they are developing a yield farming program, set to launch in the third quarter of 2022.

Yield farming is the process of providing extra rewards to liquidity providers who lock their LP tokens on the platform. ErgoDEX will provide the liquidity farming platform to projects launching through Ergopad, which will encourage users to provide liquidity to the dex, increasing the TVL of the platform and extending a projects marketing campaign beyond their IDO. Projects taking advantage of this service will be provided additional marketing support in the form of social media content sharing by both ErgoPad and ErgoDex.

How are we attracting new startups to build on the Ergo-Blockchain?

Through this partnership, our teams will share resources and relevant contacts and provide this shared support to upcoming projects that seek to expand into the Ergo ecosystem. By providing combined support and additional marketing tools, we believe this will attract new interest from outsiders who were waiting for Ergo to produce more robust DeFi tools. We hope to extend this collaboration well into the future.

Project Inquiries

If you are looking to build your own project on the Ergo blockchain, but your resources are limited, please contact us through our IDO Form.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time.

-The ErgoPad Team

Stay tuned for more info and follow us at:

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