Introducing CyberVerse — an open world pixel based game
5 min readOct 5, 2022


Hi there, ErgoPad family! You’ve been waiting patiently and now the new IDO is ready to be announced.

CyberVerse is a pixel-based, open-world game where players can interact with one another and find many ways to earn tokens while doing so. It’s intended to create a pixel-based, open world game that makes use of the Ergo blockchain to facilitate personalized player experiences through NFT integrations, custom tokens, in-game marketplaces and more to be announced.

Are you ready for the Metaverse, or better said, for the CyberVerse?

The CyberVerse: what is it, and what does it bring with it?

CyberVerse is a blockchain game that connects gaming and NFTs and creates a unique experience for players. It’s a Play-and-Earn model, where players can enjoy playing, earn and explore cities inside CyberVerse. Similar to WEB 2.0 games you’ll be able to build a new chapter within the CyberVerse with some features and challenges such as:

  • Jobs: The CyberVerse features a job market wherein one can apply for positions in exchange for Cyberia tokens (CYPX). Players can switch between jobs for a new experience, each with its own set of mechanics and ideas.
  • Citizens: Citizens are playable NFTs that will have unique features and utilities with the upcoming staking program. If holding a CyberCitizen NFT, you will find you’ll gain access to special areas within the CyberVerse. Furthermore, the ‘Serum’ feature will allow you to mutate and experiment on your Citizen’s body. The serums can completely transform your cyber citizen, or they can add a few adornments like horns, tails, and more… but beware, some experiments can be riskier than others.
  • Level system: CyberCitizens can increase their levels by leveling-up. Acquiring enough XP Credits from various features is required in order to advance to the next level of CyberCitizen. Metadata in the NFT will be updated with the player’s current level and experience points earned. Jobs are the primary way to gain XP Credits. However, there will be plenty of alternative solutions, including tournaments and contests.
  • Banking system: The bank is used to claim in rewards from CyberCitizen staking (NFTs). When you stake CyberCitizens, your assets are not subject to any unspecified “lock up.” You’ll have the option to stop staking whenever you like. CyberCitizen staking rewards will be deposited automatically every 5 days to the wallet in which the tokens are held. The ability to exchange tokens at the bank is a feature that will be added in the near future.
  • Cities: New cities will be added to the CyberVerse in upcoming releases, giving players more opportunities to meet new artists and residents. It is meant to support collaboration between artists, bringing new types of engagement to the community, and a way to connect with new people. There is currently only one city available to visit, Cyberia, where players can do things like explore, talk to NPCs, own and decorate property, visit the bank and museum, and more.

What else? Features like a pet system, audio players, opportunities to own and manage real estate or businesses, museums, a shopping system, and more will be released and implemented as the CyberVerse continues to develop and grow. Do you have any experience with MetaVerse? If not, perhaps you’ll get your first taste in the CyberVerse.

What can I do with the CyberPixel Token?

The official token of CyberVerse, CyberPixels ($CYPX) has a predetermined supply. The token can be spent on a wide variety of items and services throughout their website and the CyberVerse!

In the CyberVerse $CYPX can be used for anything. Spend your hard-earned $CYPX on whatever you please, from property to citizens to pets, and beyond. For instance you’d like to buy a new property, the transaction to buy the property will be made through the $CYPX token by signing a transaction on your wallet provider.

Community members can stake their NFT’s in-game, which not only adds more token utility but also helps expand use cases for the CyberCitizen NFT’s. By staking any CyberCitizen NFT you’ll receive additional tokens, and get access to special features.

Vision and the background of the CyberVerse:

The CyberCitizens team is dedicated to creating an accessible and exciting gaming platform using the ERGO blockchain. They have been working on CyberCitizens continuously since 2020, and they have no intention of stopping until they have accomplished their goals.

In the end, they hope to have a pixel-based, open-world game connected to the ERGO blockchain so that they can offer players unique experiences (through NFT integrations, custom tokens and various other means). This will not only benefit their players as a whole, but also allow us to reward the members of their community who have been holding and purchasing CyberCitizen NFTs with exclusive content. The goal is to give people a way to earn some $CYPX and have fun with the CyberVerse token. Looking into past blockchain game failures and successes, the CyberCitizens team has honed in on certain issues they believe are the main culprit behind failed blockchain games. Poor/Incomplete gaming experiences, high barriers and costs for entry, prioritization of short-term profit over long-term survivability and lack of communication are some of the issues the team plans to overcome with the creation of the CyberVerse!

Twitter | Telegram| Discord | Website

Final Remarks and IDO details:

Now what? How can I participate in the CyberVerse IDO?

CyberVerse will IDO through the Ergopad platform, with two early contribution rounds. The DAO will raise funds using smart contracts which lock tokens in vesting contracts. To participate in these pre-IDO rounds, you may stake Ergopad tokens in the tier system. The second round of the IDO will be open to the public. If you are unfamiliar with how Ergopad IDOs work, read the Ergopad Whitepaper and take a look at the Ergopad Staking page. If you still have questions, the Ergopad Telegram and Discord groups are full of helpful people.

For more information, you can read the CyberVerse project page on ErgoPad, which will include the project team, socials, IDO roadmap (including all relevant dates), whitepaper link, and tokenomics, as each gets finalized.

We sincerely thank each and every member of our community for their support. We will continue to update you on the IDO process through our socials.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

Thanks for reading, and see you next time.

-The ErgoPad Team



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