Paideia Contribution Phase Instructions

This article serves as an explanation about how to contribute funds for the current Paideia staker round on ErgoPad. Please follow all of the steps exactly as outlined and read through the details carefully to prevent making any mistakes. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the ErgoPad team as you complete the form.

This form will be open from March 27th to April 2nd. There is NO RUSH to contribute, it can happen any time within that window.

Seed round participants, please stay tuned for seed round specific info, but your form will open from March 29th.

  • Nautilus 0.2.2 is the only supported wallet at this time.
  • SafeW works, but in our tests, it required a few tries, and a reconnect on every page refresh.
  • Yoroi is not supported. We don’t have an ETA on their dapp connector update.
Check to make sure you have Nautilus v0.2.2

About the contribution phase:

Once the contribution phase begins, you'll need to connect your wallet with the contribution page on our website so you can supply the necessary funds to receive Paideia tokens. Then, within the corresponding form, and after your wallet address is automatically populated by connecting it to the Dashboard, you will enter the exact number of Paideia tokens that you would like to receive. For example, if you enter 10,000 for the amount, and at the set exchange rate of $0.001 per token, your total contribution value will be equal to $10.

Important note: Your wallet must contain whitelist tokens. These will be airdropped to the address you have whitelisted, but you can transfer them. Be sure the wallet connected has those tokens.

Next, you can contribute the entire amount with either ERG or sigUSD. Based on which you choose, the form will tell you approximately how much your contribution will be. For instance, if you decide to contribute the amount in ERG, the exchange rate will be determined using an Ergo Price Oracle at that time.

Upon connecting your wallet, it will automatically supply your address into the first field above. You will then enter the exact number of Paideia tokens you’d like to obtain in the second above field.
Choose either ERG/SIGUSD based on preference. The corresponding amount is reflected in the area below.

Lastly, and after double checking the amounts, scroll to the bottom of the form and click “SUBMIT”. You will then need to sign a transaction that is generated in dApp connector. Following submission, your tokens will be locked in a vesting contract. You will then receive a vesting key in the format of an NFT that represents the vested tokens, allowing you to claim them as they unlock. You can claim as many tokens as you’d like, and they will not be distributed to your wallet until you send a claim transaction to the smart contract. For this round, the total vesting period will span 12 months, with daily emission following the IDO.

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