Paideia Schedule Update
4 min readMar 23, 2022


In an amazing recent development, the Paideia whitelist was filled within just a minute. To see if your wallet made it among those whitelisted or onto the waitlist, please click the link below. The corresponding spreadsheet is separated into two tabs that reflect the whitelisted wallets and the waitlist.

Contribution phase for whitelisted wallets

Whitelisted wallets will receive an airdrop of a token called “paideia-seedround”, which will be equivalent in value to the reserved allocation for each wallet. Once the contribution phase begins, you’ll be able to contribute Erg or sigUSD in exchange for Paideia tokens. When you complete the transaction to contribute funds, you’ll also need to send the “seedround-paideia” tokens along with the funds. Please also keep in mind that you have to send an equal amount of “paideia-seedround” tokens corresponding to the amount you want to buy.


Alex whitelisted and reserved a $500 allocation for his wallet through the whitelisting form. In the upcoming days, Alex will receive $500 worth of “paideia-seedround” tokens. Once the contribution phase begins, Alex will transfer $500 worth of sigUSD or ERG, along with an equivalent number of seed-round tokens in exchange for the Paideia token. The contribution and exchange will be made through an exchange form, which will later be released on our website.

Process for wallets on the waitlist

If you are on the waitlist, you will have to wait until the contribution phase is finalized to see what happens with any unfilled allocations. If anyone decides not to buy or fill their allocation, we’ll distribute what’s remaining to those on the waitlist. Please also keep in mind that the distribution will be made in accordance with the ranking on the spreadsheet, beginning from the top. Following the first two reserved whitelist days, the waitlisted individuals will be airdropped whitelist tokens. They can then proceed to the same contribution form and attempt to obtain the remaining tokens.

Submitted form with a “0” allocation

Additionally, some participants submitted the form with “0” as the amount they were willing to contribute, something that may have happened in error. However, we want to provide anyone that submitted the form in this manner a second chance by providing the option to join the bottom of the seed sale waitlist, or if they’d prefer, a guaranteed $1k allocation for the upcoming strategic round. Lastly, as an apology for the error, we’ve airdropped 400 Ergopads to anyone that entered a $0 allocation on the form.

Some of you may have just received an email from us with this announcement but since we don’t have all of your emails, please have a look at the list on the Discord or Telegram announcement channel and reach out to our marketing manager, Alexis, to let us know which option you prefer.

Note that we think this was an autofill error. We will work on a secondary validation that will notify users at the time how much they have submitted, instead of just the “saved” note. That way, if a 0 value was submitted, you’ll know and be able to correct it.

Updated offering dates

We’ve updated the dates for the Paideia offering, Currently, the vesting contract is being written and audited, and we anticipate very few adjustments, if any.

Staker round:

The snapshot for the staker round took place on 5th March, however the contribution phase was slightly delayed. After updating the contract and making some adjustments, we can now announce that the contribution phase will begin on 26th March and end on 28th March.

Seed round:

The contribution phase for the seed-round begins on 30th March and will end by 2nd April.

Strategic round:

The whitelisting for the strategic round will start on 4th April on a first come first serve basis. Contribution phase for the strategic round will start on 6th April and will run to 9th April. If there is any remaining allocation, we'll then open the form for the waitlist on 8th April to distribute the remaining allocation to those who are on the waitlist.

IDO on Ergodex:

The IDO for Paideia will be executed on Ergodex and we're pleased to announce that Paideia will also make use of the liquidity locking feature provided by Ergodex’s team. The first trading pairs include Paideia/Erg and Paideia/sigUSD and they will go live on 10th April.

Stay tuned for further announcements about the Paideia contribution phase and make sure to follow our socials in order to stay up to date!

-The Ergopad Team

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